What Is SCRIP?


SCRIP is a fundraising method where merchants (grocery stores, retailers, restaurants, gas stations, etc.) provide gift cards to Holy Family Catholic School at a discounted rate.  Holy Family Catholic School then sells the SCRIP to school families, local parishioners, and community members at face value, thus earning a profit for the school.


Use SCRIP gift cards just like cash.  For example, you need some gardening supplies, so you buy a $100 The Home Depot® gift card for $100.  Cha-ching!  You just earned $4 for Holy Family Catholic School because The Home Depot gift card is available at 4% less than face value.  When you pay for your gardening supplies at The Home Depot, you pay with your SCRIP gift card instead of using a credit or debit card!  You can do the same thing when you need cleaning supplies at Target® and earn the school $2.50 just by using a $100 Target gift card to pay for your purchases.  It's that simple!  SCRIP gift cards are also a great way to buy gasoline, dine at local restaurants, shop for presents, etc. 


You may purchase SCRIP at Holy Family Catholic School, or at St. Pius X in the Hospitality Room, the first 3 Sundays after the 8:00 am, 10:30 am and 6:00 pm Masses.  By purchasing SCRIP, you are helping our local Catholic school raise money at no additional cost to you!  Feel free to call Holy Family Catholic School, 208-765-4327, for a complete list of participating vendors.