Attention!  Calling all Christmas Elves and Saint Nicks!




There are a lot of children in our community that are homeless or in need.  The stress level is high for these families as parents worry about disappointing their children at Christmas.  BUT YES, St. Pius parishioners!  There is a Santa Claus ... and it is YOU!


The Giving Tree is up again in the back of the Church.  Every year our parish helps about 100 families enjoy Christmas, totalling between 250-300 children.  These are families that might not have much of a holiday without your help.  Along with the Giving Tree we have a Carol's Barrow (in honor of Carol Couch), for collecting gifts and a collection bin for food items.  Between now and Christmas we are asking for your help.


On the Giving Tree you will find ornaments with the ages and genders of children.  If you choose, you may take an ornament (or two, or three) and purchase a gift for that child (or those children) when you do your Christmas shopping.  Please bring your gift(s) to the church, wrapped and tagged with the ornament firmly attached to your gift.  Please write on your gift(s) in pencil, indentifying exactly what is in the package (for example: sweatshirt - boy size large.)  This will help us to make sure that a suitable gift is given to the appropriate child.  Please bring your gift(s) to the church by Wednesday, December 20, and place them under the Giving Tree or in Carol's Barrow.


Regarding food donations:  we also ask for help with food donations for the Christmas baskets.  Click here for a list of what we need for each family for their holiday week.  Please deposit your food items in the bins in the back of the church.


During the pre-Christmas season we also ask for some additional help with food donations.  Click here for a list of what we need for each family for their holiday meal.  Please deposit your food items in the wheelbarrow or bin in the back of the church.  Additionally, we will accept a cash donation, check, or Scrip.  (You may purchase Scrip from Holy Family Catholic School after each weekend Mass.)  Please make sure your donation is in an envelope clearly designated "For Christmas Baskets."  You may bring it to the parish office, or place it in the collection basket at Mass.


Finally, we need your help to deliver on Saturday, December 23.  Please be in the gym at 8:30 am to pack boxes; delivery begins at 10:30 am.  You will receive the name and address of a family, their boxes of food, and bag the of gifts for their children.

Got an extra turkey? turkey

Provided in each food box is a small ham.  We can only provide a turkey if you bring it to us.  We have limited freezer space at the church, so we need you to store your frozen turkey donation at home.  Please bring your turkey to the parish office on Friday, December 22, or before 8:30 am on Saturday, December 23.  


Thank you for all the blessings you bring at Christmas!

May your family be blessed with joy and love! 

~  St. Pius X Outreach Commission  ~