Columbarium Guidelines and Procedures



The Columbarium Trust Committee (CTC) manages the columbarium.



a. Niches may be purchased by registered members of St. Pius X Parish, their family members, and dependents.

b. Family members, or others approved by the CTC, may be inurned regardless of their religion.

c. The CTC reserves the right to demand a showing of legal authority to execute the application.



Use / Cancellation / Removal / Transfer:

a. The nature of interest purchased is a license to use a niche for the inurment of cremated human remains.

b. The interest of the purchaser may be cancelled prior to inurnment with approval of the CTC and a refund will be made, less a 15% processing fee.

c. Written notice to the CTC is required before the cremains may be removed from the niche by a person authorized to do so.  There shall be no refund made once cremains have been placed in the niche, and the CTC reserves the right to resell the niche upon removal of the cremains and niche engraving.

d. Reservations for niches are not transferable and may be used only for the purchaser or members of the purchaser's family.




Payment for a niche shall be made in full according to the schedule of costs established by the CTC and in effect at the time of the application.




The columbarium will receive perpetual care.



Individual Niches:

a. The CTC will assign spaces after full payment is received.

b. The urn or container used to contain the ashes must comply with niche size limitations (10.5" x 10.5" x 11").

c. Engraving on the front of the individual niche will be provided at an additional cost. Efforts will be made to have the engraving done prior to the time of inurnment.  The ONLY information on the niche engraving will be name (first, middle initial, last), date of birth (month, day, year), and date of death (month, day, year).

All niche engravings will be of a standard size and font.  No exceptions to the standards will be permitted.  No memorial decorative objects, including live or artificial plants or flowers, shall be placed in the columbarium area.



Commemorative Walls:

a. In addition to individual niches, the columbarium contains commemorative walls for the names of deceased parishioners whose remains are not interred in St. Pius X Parish Columbarium.

b. The memorial area contains names of the parishioners to be memorialized which will be listed under the year of their death.




St. Pius X Parish and CTC shall not be liable for damage or destruction resulting from vandalism, terrorism, or natural disaster.  No pastor, CTC member, or other member of St. Pius X parish shall be personally liable for any damages or for the defense of any claims of damage or loss resulting from or to the columbarium facilities, niches, containers, or inurned remains.



Scattering of Ashes:

In keeping with the teaching of the Catholic Church on Christian Burial, the scattering of ashes is not permitted on any portion of the premises of St. Pius X Parish.




The CTC may amend these Guidelines and Procedures as deems necessary to effectuate the purposes of the Trust.



These Guidelines & Procedures are adopted by the St. Pius X Parish Columbarium Trust Committee this 30th day of October, 2009.