Outreach / Social Ministry 



Outreach Commission

Collects and distributes seasonal clothing, personal care items, outdoor living items, and one hundred backpacks containing required school supplies prior to the commencement of school.  The balance of donated school supplies are distributed to those schools with the most families needing assistance.


Click here to watch the Back to School video (2016)

The Outreach Commission also manages the Christmas Giving program which provides approximately one hundred families with food for one week (Christmas Eve to New Years Day) along with gifts for their children.
Click here to watch the Christmas Giving video (2017)


St. Pius X Food Pantry

Groceries from the food collection are sorted and distributed by Outreach Volunteers to people who come to the parish seeking assistance.  The Volunteers sort and package food products as needed for distribution, and then meet with those in need to assist them in planning meals.


Click here to watch the Food Pantry video (2016)


Contact Gayle Harvey 208-930-4652



 Meals and Food Banks in Kootenai County

Click here for a list of meal offerings and food bank locations in Kootenai County.



St. Pius X Soup Kitchen

Volunteer to help with the preparation and serving of a meal every Friday for those in need in our community.  Preparation begins mid-day and finishes with a meal served later in the afternoon.



Ecumenical Soup Kitchen ~ held at First Presbyterian Church in Coeur d'Alene

Provide food and service for the Ecumenical Food Kitchen on a rotating basis with other churches.  The sign-up for food donations is after our mass in the Hospitality Room.



NOSDA ~ No One Shall Die Alone

Approximately fifty percent of the residents in nursing homes and home settings either die alone or with only a few family members present.  In order to assist those in the Coeur d'Alene area who find themselves in this situation, a service to the dying known as NOSDA or No One Shall Die Alone was established.  This is an interfaith group of volunteers who donate their time by providing companionship to those who are dying without the presence of family or friends.  Click to read more about NOSDA


If you would like our assistance or if you feel the calling to volunteer, please contact Chuck Finan 208-659-0186, Pat Connell 208-772-2559, Jane Nelson 208-772-1413, or Jo Moses 208-868-6716.



Funeral Dinners

When requested, help with a luncheon and hospitality for family after funeral in the Hospitality Room.  Volunteers coordinate food preparation, serve, and clean-up the meal.


Contact the parish office 208-765-5108